About the Brand

Established back in 2003, Outfitters is a trendy western fashion brand. It is crafted for the spirited youth of the country. Youth who enjoy indulging in the latest lifestyle trends. So be it the latest music, fashion trends, technology, or social networking, Outfitters is for people who want to express themselves. And with style. Everyday. 

Moreover, the brand offers unique product lines. Their product line ups cater to all segments and their demands – women, men, and kids. Within each clothing line, they offer a wide range of products with a variety of different styles, patterns, and preferences. So, from highly fashionable and stylish, on-trend pieces to athleisure garments for everyone, to a more casual and hip wardrobe, it offers everyday attire and basic street apparel.

Additionally, Outfitter’s product range also comprises a wide array of fashionable footwear, accessories, and fragrances. Due to which it a one-stop high-street destination for all western wear clothing demands.

Outfitters Giga Mall Islamabad

The brand has always been able to provide the best in fashion. With their unique and trendy yet flexible model, Outfitters is open to adapting to the constant changes that occur in a season. At the same time, they respond to key fashion trends. And turn them into wearable fashion in the shortest possible duration. Therefore, Outfitters collection is fun, hip, vibrant, and expressive. Outfitters kids is very in-demand these days, with people flocking to outlets. 

Today, after years of meeting the public’s demand for on-trend western wear in Pakistan, Outfitters has successfully set up over 120 stores and outlets. That’s why the brand is famous across twenty cities in Pakistan. Likewise, it has a rapidly growing online store. All of this has been carefully merchandised to cater to their customers. Thus it allows customers to build a wardrobe that expresses them every season and their personal style.

Outfitters has an outlet located on the Ground floor of Giga Mall, Islamabad. Visit today. 

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