Mulberryfeel is a modern clothing brand in Pakistan that offers western clothes and accessories, primarily for women. It also displays some items of interest for kids and men. Among the female attire, it provides Pret, Unstitch, Semi-formal, and Party wear clothing choices. The brand is famous for its unique designs, vibrant patterns, and a mix-palate of unique embellishments. They have good quality clothes and accessories with very reasonable and affordable prices that anyone can easily afford.

MulberryFeel: What Else

But that’s not all. Customers prefer MulberryFeel clothes because of their fines quality and a beautiful print that attracts every even a cursory glance. They also provide the best embroidery clothes in stitched and unstitched clothing. MulberryFeel knows that the most important jewel of a dress is the person who wears it. That’s why they focus primarily on the quality of the presented item.

The brand offers modern era women a choice of dresses. A choice that portrays them as their true beautiful self. And makes them comfortable in their style, boosts their confidence, and helps them put their best foot forward. Whether they are working, going to an event, or just staying at home. Their dresses radiate rich and diverse Pakistani culture and cater to modern Standards of contemporary western attire.

For MulberryFeel, elegance is not about being noticed. It’s about being remembered in each and every detail. That’s why they claim that whenever you wear their clothes, you leave a part of you, a bit of elegance, a bit of perfection where ever you go!

MulberryFeel Giga Mall

MulberryFeel located on the First Floor of Giga Mall is a space for aesthetically-inclined people. It’s for bringing everyone’s unique style language to life with unstitched, stitched, and RTW collections. Keep checking Giga Mall Facebook page for more information about Mulberryfeel’s contemporary varieties.