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Leisure Club

Leisure Club Sale in Giga Mall

Leisure Club Pakistan is intensely proud to be a hundred percent Pakistani, and their goal is to assure that they ignite this sense of pride in customers too when they wear amazing products in any part of the world. Today, the Leisure club is the largest clothing brand in Pakistan for adults, teens, and kids, boasting more than sixty stores across the country. The team of Leisure Club (LC) works tirelessly to ensure that they meet global standards and offer the latest fashions – whether they be western or eastern- and provide their loyal customers with an amazing value for their hard-earned money.

They want to give out children the very best, and that is why LC Kids takes special care to ensure their little giants are not only comfy but fashionable too. They design clothes with the attitude that lets kids express the exuberance of youth and make life easier for their parents.

Leisure Club Pakistan’s core brand values are to make available quality products that will give true value for money for valuable customers. The brand offers casual western and eastern clothing for Kids, Men, and Women, including T-shirts, jeans-wear, trousers, shorts, jackets, sweaters, casual dress shirts, women jeans, tops, tights, and cardigan night suit, as well as winter outerwear and other amazing accessories.

A Leisure Club sale is an event that everybody stamps on their plans as an opportunity to load up on your most loved clothing. Throughout the year, people avail their amazing sales that go up to seventy percent off.

Leisure Club Islamabad has an outlet in Giga Mall and is quite popular among people of twin cities. There are several options available at Giga Mall for shopping, and in the meantime, you can entertain yourself and your kids with the ongoing fun activities around the mall.

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