Khaadi Lawn Collection Sale

Khaadi is a major name in Pakistani fashion and lifestyle. It was founded back in December 1998. In the two decades since then, Khaadi has rapidly turned into a major brand with a heavy international presence and is now Pakistan’s most iconic fashion house.

Khaadi Pakistan has more than 46 stores across 17 cities in the country. If you wish to get the finest kids clothes in Pakistan. This is the place to shop. The Khaadi located on the ground floor of the Giga mall is the most popular Khaadi in Islamabad.

Khaadi pret, winter, summer collection, lawn and Khaadi kids are all immensely popular with people of all age groups and all backgrounds. Khaadi shirts have also become very trending in the fashionable circles of not just Pakistan but also across the Persian Gulf region. This has added to the popularity Khaadi Pakistan.  Now if people need kids clothes in Pakistan they first of all turn to Khaadi.

About the Brand

The outlet located on the ground floor has some of the most popular Khaadi sales of any Khaadi outlet anywhere in the world. Khaadi men in particular has become very popular with the residents of DHA and they all flock to the Giga Mall for all of their shopping needs.

Even though Khaadi online has become very popular as people now like to shop online, however the outlet at Giga mall continues to get more and shoppers due to frequent and unmatched sales on Khaadi.

Khadi Khaas is very popular with people who like to stay ahead if the curve when it comes to the latest fashion trends and there is no brand that they trust more than Khaadi. This has resulted in people from far and wide coming to Khaadi for all of their shopping needs.

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