KFC Menu Pakistan in Giga Mall

Kentucky Fried Chicken has a restaurant in the food court. It is a hugely popular global chain and nowhere more so than in Pakistan. Individuals and families love to gorge down buckets upon buckets of great fried chicken. Thus at Giga you do not need to leave the mall, it has everything from food to shopping to entertainment. The KFC at Giga mall is one of the most popular of all of the KFC branches anywhere in the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Thus if you are food lover visit the food court today to avail some amazing KFC deals.

About the Brand

KFC Pakistan is one of the most popular fast food franchises in the country. Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American chain and has its headquarters in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. The brand is famous all over the world especially for its friend chicken.   There are more than 22,000 branches of this chain globally.  There is a huge number of KFC deals for foodies to choose from.  KFC Pakistan menu has a huge variety of mouthwatering options. Not just dine in KFC delivery is popular with people especially for those late night cravings thanks to KFC foodpanda particularly thanks to KFC midnight deals.

There are many KFC Islamabad, Rawalpindi out lets, however the one in the Giga Mall is the most popular. Their website and social media pages regularly keep people updated with KFC new deals. People love KFC zinger burgers, wow meals and family deals.

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