Juices Island

Juices Island

Juices Island – as you can tell by the name – is a juice outlet. They offer freshly made juice of different fruits and vegetables in different flavors.

Fresh Juices

From fresh citrus juices to wholesome nutritious fruit & vegetable blends of the season, this brand offers super clean, handcrafted products for the juice connoisseur.

All juices and smoothies at the outlet are: honestly sourced, freshly squeezed, made in small batches, and minimally processed without using any of the additives, preservatives, or GMOs. That’s why they taste so fresh.

Juices Island Giga MALL BRAND

It has an outlet on the Second Floor of Giga Mall. It offers all the different varieties and often goes on special discounts and sales.  You can visit Juices Island today in the Food Court to explore their Offers and taste their Delicious Menu. To stay up to date about latest offers, visit the Giga Mall Official page on Facebook.