Howdy Giga Mall Brand

Located on the second floor of the Giga Mall.  Howdy is a very popular eatery of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. If you want to tantalize your taste buds then head over to the food court at Giga mall today and treat yourself and your loved ones to best burgers in town. It is a great place to go and eat out with the whole family. If you love burgers then you do not need to look any further than Howdy to treat yourself to the tastiest and burgers in Islamabad. Visit the Giga Mall food court today.

Howdy Brand Profile

Fast food has become very popular with people all over Pakistan and the wider world. There are a whole host of local and international fast food chains popping up everywhere. Howdy Islamabad is one of the most popular fast food brands of the twin cities. Howdy menu has some of the juiciest burgers anywhere and is hugely popular with people who like bigger and filling portions. The entire Howdy menu is a treat to savour for food lovers however their finest things are the burgers they make which are just finger licking good.

The Howdy Islamabad menu has drinks, shakes, burgers, steaks and much more to choose from. A Howdy burger is a must have for avid foodies in particular their beef burger which is just to die for. The Howdy website is frequently updated and there are a whole host of different Howdy deals to choose from that leaves the foody spoiled for choice. Howdy Pakistan has developed a reputation as a place that consistently delivers quality and taste no matter what. There are other Howdy restaurants as well however, the Howdy Giga mall is the most popular Howdy Rawalpindi.

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