Chateau 67

Chateau 67

About Chateau 67

Chateau 67 is a premium socks brand of SoxLinks. It caters to fashionable consumers in Pakistan. Whether you are looking for staple formals or something that is quite more exciting to showcase your personality, it’s here. You will find a pair to love in their amazing collection of luxury socks. Besides, the brand uses state-of-the-art Italian knitting tools to produce over one million pairs of socks each month. Most of it for eventual export to Europe and the USA. Their production quality is of the top-notch level. Quality that gives you the designs and materials you love.

Chateau 67 Clothing Brand in Giga Mall

Their SoxBee and SoxLinks socks contain using premium combed cotton. It is breathable and soft. Chateau 67 fashion and formal socks are created from luxurious mercerized cotton. It involves production techniques that give the socks a glossy finish. They bind dyes more firmly, resulting in deep, rich, lasting vibrant colors. Furthermore, children and infant products are manufactured with premium combed cotton.

Budget-friendly products on the market are often a cotton-polyester blend. It tends to become malodorous with use due to heat and sweating retention. Chateau 67 socks, on the other hand, are either cotton-spandex blends or cotton-nylon blends. Both of which are highly lightweight and breathable. In addition, all the socks are coated with an anti-pilling agent. And are handled with a premium odor-resistant anti-microbial to provide more comfort throughout the day.

To assure that your socks give you many months of comfort, they strongly suggest following their given care guide. Wash them properly from inside-out in your washing machine with cold water. Gentle cycle, and put them flat on the floor to fully dry out in the sun or under a fan. Clotheslines might leave unsightly marks due to the plastic in them heating up. And the dryer could result in a large amount of shrinkage. Chateau 67 store at Giga Mall offers all different styled socks that will fulfill your requirements. So don’t miss out on it. Visit today.

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