Charles and Keith

Charles and Keith

Charles and Keith Bags & Shoes Brand

Charles and Keith was founded with a vision to empower ladies around the world to express themselves freely through fashion. The brand pushes the boundaries of modern footwear and accessories by continually reinventing style with its curated and amazing collections. Its stylish and trend-focused designs are now available globally.

Charles & Keith know how important it is to offer a fantastic range of high-quality footwear and accessories at a relatively affordable price point. By relating, refining and reinventing, they create updated essentials to celebrate individualism that transcends time or gender.

Charles and Keith bags are made from high-quality material and exhibit the latest fashion trends. That is why people trust Charles & Keith to always provide them with the latest in affordable fashion, and this flexibility has helped Charles & Keith build up a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more. The brand offers a variety of bags including wallets, cardholders, trendy backpacks, clutches, handbags, shoulder and tote bags, satchel bags, wristlets and crossbody bags. The designs of its bags are edgy and minimalistic in nature and feature bold colours like forest green, black, white, grey, bright orange, cobalt blue and nude.

Charles and Keith shoes are the reason that ladies love them. They make shoes with top-notch quality and have multiple designs that ladies dream off. Given the affordable price tag attached to these accessories and shoes, Charles & Keith positions itself in the ‘affordable luxury’ market, where trend-conscious, medium-high income consumers will have no hesitations to ask for extra cash get the products they like. Moreover, their shoe collection includes a wide selection of sandals, heels, flats, pumps, boots, espadrilles, loafers, wedges, sneakers and mules. The quick in-season turnaround assures that it captures as much of the market (women between ages of 16 to 55) as possible.

These days, everyone’s on Instagram and following their favorite brands to be in-the-know of the latest product releases. Keeping a strong social media presence, featuring style icons wearing the brand and engaging with customers online will improve brand awareness and build strong brand loyalty.

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