Burger Lab

Burger Lab
Building a legacy takes time & patience, considerable effort, unwavering consistency, and consistent dedication. And Burger Lab is slowly treading the path to glory. Since its inception in the year 2017 as a mere takeaway outlet, the popular burger eatery has maintained international standards. That is the only reason behind the brand’s success. 

Burgers, Fries and Fast Food

Burger Lab does it all. Whether it’s introducing and popularizing the American burger smash technique into the Pakistani market or serving deliciously mouth-watering burgers with the region’s typical saucy and scrumptious fries,  their products cater to a wider fan base. The brand prides itself on innovating, experimenting, and living up to the name “Burger Lab”.

Burger Lab Pakistan

Today, it is Pakistan’s leading burger brand with outlets in more than 12 cities nationwide. However, country-wide domination is not its goal. Instead, they aim to establish the brand as one of the world’s leading Burger Franchises.
Moreover, this burger eatery surely knows how to make delicious burgers and drool-worthy fries. They make everything fresh and use great quality products. Their “Lab’s Original” burger is something you should definitely try if you happen to stop at any of their outlets. The smashed beef patties are aptly topped with jalapenos and blazing hot sauces. That’s why their burgers blow the minds of anyone with their super hot flavors. You can also try this giant burger with double patties and an added cheese slice.

Burger Lab Giga Mall

The most popular food today is fast food, and if you are making it right, you can easily stand out from the crowd. Burger Lab opened its outlet on the second floor of Giga Mall. For exclusive deals and discounts, check out Giga Mall’s official Facebook page